The Skin Microbiome

 In Skin MIcrobiome

The skin just like the gut has a delicate balance of bacteria.  This diverse ecocystem generally lives in harmony with one another, however changes in numerous variables can alter this delicate balance.

Our gut and skin and intertwined.  It is known scientifically that many skin conditions start in the gut.  If you experience bloating, belching or gastrointestinal disturbances, this is a strong indication that your gut health is compromised.  This can reflect in  your skin in numerous ways.

It can present as acne or perhaps even a compromised barrier, especially if you are eating foods that are flooding your system with histamines.  Histamines are known to not only interfere with the skin barrier and its function but also induce acne formation as they have a direct impact on your sebaceous glands.

Our clinic works in conjunction with award winning Naturopath Tony Daniel

Our extensive consultation process identifies areas of gut dysfunction.  This allows you to be treated from a very holistic perspective both internally and externally within the same clinic.